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Quality Lawn Care in Loganville

Loganville follows Georgia's long-standing tradition of supporting and celebrating green spaces and natural vistas. The motto here is “Where People Matter,” and here at Environmental Turf Management, we couldn’t agree more. As a locally owned, family-run business, we care about our customers and the well-being of their lawns.

Lawn Care in Loganville, GA

Our seven-step lawn care program will provide your home or business with the nourishment and protection your lawn needs to stay healthy and strong. Our lawn care program runs from early spring through late fall and includes a blend of fertilizer and weed control personalized for your type of soil and turf. Our pre and post-emergent treatments help prevent and control broadleaf and grassy weeds throughout the year.

At Environmental Turf Management, we offer the following services:

Lawn Aeration and Overseeding in Loganville

Even the healthiest lawns can fall prone to the climate stressors we face in Georgia. Heat, drought stress, and oversaturation can wreak havoc on your turf. Add in heavy foot traffic, and you have all the makings of an environment ripe for soil compaction. Compacted soil prevents anything from getting to the roots, including much-needed nutrients and water.

Environmental Turf Management offers lawn aeration and overseeding services for fescue, Bermuda, and zoysia-type grasses. Our core aeration process makes thousands of holes in your lawn, allowing the much-needed nutrients, water, oxygen, and sunlight to reach your root system again.

Aerating your lawn has tremendous benefits, some of which include:

  • Stronger, healthier roots
  • Improved air exchanges between soil and the surface
  • Reduced water runoff and improved drainage
  • Increased resistance to climate stressors
  • Decreased soil compaction
  • Thicker, fuller grass
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Tree and Shrub Care in Loganville

At Environmental Turf Management, we understand how important your trees and shrubs are. They provide shade, create privacy and block out sound and air pollution. Their tranquil nature offers a sense of calm amongst your landscape. That’s why we offer a six-application tree and shrub care program designed to preserve and protect your beloved plants.

Our tree and shrub program includes:

  • Utilize only the highest quality products and state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Apply dormant oil in the spring to attack pests and once again in the fall to target overwintering insects.
  • Throughout the growing season, we treat diseases and insects as needed.
  • Come fall, we also use a slow-release fertilizer to encourage spring growth.

Fire Ant Control in Loganville

Don’t take chances with these vicious, biting creatures, invest in fire ant control today. Fire ants are small, but they can quickly invade any lawn and create an unsafe, unsightly yard. These small red ants burrow underground constructing tunnels and develop large unappealing mounds they call home. Worse yet, when disturbed, fire ants will attack, biting their opponent, causing a painful, often itchy lesion.

Our experienced experts will come in and assess your yard and identify the issue. Then our team will exterminate these biting insect and give you your yard back.

Fire ant control with Environmental Turf Management means:

  • Trained, qualified, and experienced staff
  • Affordable prices
  • State of the art equipment and gear
  • Top-quality service
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Flea and Tick Control in Loganville

We love the outdoors here in Loganville. Unfortunately, so do pests including fleas and ticks. These incredibly irritating creatures are not only annoying but can carry harmful, dangerous diseases for both you and your pets. They can even make their way inside your home, invading your lawn and your personal space. Our flea and tick control service is second to none offering protection for you, your family, and your pets at an affordable price.

Our flea and tick control offers a three-step approach that includes:

  • Property Evaluation to better understand where to target treatment
  • Flea and tick elimination
  • Ongoing applications to control and prevent future infestations
Our flea & tick exterminators will determine your lawn's best course of action!
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