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Aeration And Overseeding Solutions

Have you noticed your Atlanta lawn is beginning to look a little lackluster?

You may be due for a core aeration treatment. The more we enjoy our outdoor living spaces, the higher the chances are for our grass to develop patches of compacted soil and thatch, major obstacles to vibrant property growth. Over time, even the healthiest home and business yards may start to look sparse, resulting in:

  • Water puddling after rain
  • Thatch buildup
  • Heavy clay soil
  • Thin, patchy, or bare grass spots

Fortunately, these conditions are often easy to remedy with aeration and overseeding from Environmental Turf Management.Our lawn care authorities can eliminate thatch, redistribute vital nutrients, and help your Georgia yard thrive.

We Offer Yard Aeration And Seeding Services For Every Lawn

Environmental Turf Management specializes in a full menu of core aeration and seeding programs to ensure the right treatment fit for every type of turf including:

  • Fescue
  • Bermuda
  • Zoysia

Environmental Turf Management focuses on aeration services throughout the warmer spring months and then switches over to a combination treatment of core aeration and seeding once fall arrives. Our systematic aeration approach allows us to best serve our residential and commercial customers, no matter what the season has in store!

Benefits Of Our Innovative Aeration And Overseeding

Yes, some properties may need aeration and overseeding more urgently than others; however, at Environmental Turf Management, we know that every lawn can benefit from consistent aeration and seeding. Our landscape team uses commercial grade equipment to methodically work through your yard, punching small holes in the soil that allow fertilizer, water, and oxygen to redistribute throughout the root zone to yield several crucial advantages, such as:

  • Improve air exchange between soil and surface
  • Reduced water runoff
  • Stronger root systems
  • Elevated heat and drought tolerance
  • Increased thatch breakdown
  • Minimized thatch buildup

Whether used alone or with any of our other lawn care programs, aeration can promote increased root development and support vibrant, healthy new grass growth.

Environmental Turf Management: Fescue Seeding And Reseeding Capabilities

At Environmental Turf Management, we know that fescue lawns have unique growing needs. That's why we also offer fescue seeding and reseeding applications to home and business owners throughout the region. Fescue flourishes in cooler temperatures, making fall the perfect time to aerate and seed this grass species.

Our fall aeration approach mirrors our spring program; however, in the autumn we also reseed to combat any existing summer drought damage. The result? In just a few short weeks, you should start to see signs of green sprouts making their way through the sparse, bare spots throughout your lawn!

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