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Tick & Flea Pest Control

Here in Georgia, we take pride in our properties. The warm, southern weather gives us an opportunity to spend time outside on a virtually year-round basis – and we do our best to make the most of it. To us, our yards are more than just mere grass, trees, and shrubs; our properties are outdoor living spaces where we can play, entertain, or simply relax.

Fleas & Ticks Love Your Atlanta Backyard

Unfortunately, our sunny temperatures often invite more than just friends and neighbors to our outdoor Atlanta events. Fleas and ticks can run rampant here, particularly during the summer months. At Environmental Turf Management, we know fleas and ticks are more than just a mere nuisance capable of ruining our outside fun. When left untreated these tiny pests can bite and feed on your family as well as your family pets, with potentially disastrous results.

Fleas and ticks can spread a slew of diseases to both two-legged and four-legged loved ones, in just a single bite, including:

  • Lyme disease
  • Tularemia
  • Babesiosis
  • Murine Typhus
  • Mycoplasma haemofelis
The creepy crawlers can even make their way inside your home, nesting in your carpets and bringing their list of potential sicknesses with them. Don't let these parasites take control of your yards, beds, and gardens – partner with Environmental Turf Management's team of professional lawn care technicians to rid your property of these dreadful vermin. Environmental Turf can help you take back your backyard living spaces.

Effective Flea & Tick Control Services In Atlanta

Environmental Turf Management delivers effective flea and tick control services to home and business owners throughout the Atlanta region. Since 2000, Environmental Turf has earned its reputation for providing customized treatments, services, and applications to residential and commercial properties. Our tick and flea treatment for yard control strategies are no exception.

Our three-pronged approach includes:

  • Property Assessment

    We evaluate the extent of your parasite problem. Once we understand the issue, we apply a treatment that targets these bugs where they live.
  • Extermination Of Current Pests

    Environmental Turf systematically treats your property to eliminate the current fleas and ticks swarming throughout your property.
  • Consistent Treatment

    Successful flea and tick extermination often require more than a single application. Environmental Turf Management offers ongoing applications to prevent future infestations throughout your lawn and gardens.

Budget - Friendly Flea And Tick Control Services

Worried that flea and tick control may not be in the budget? Don’t be; at Environmental Turf Management, we proudly offer affordable, accessible price points on all of our innovative services and solutions. Our team of professional lawn and turf care specialists will consult with you to determine the best flea & tick spray for yard treatment options for both your property and your wallet. Want to hear more? Contact the Environmental Turf crew today!

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