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Mole Control

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We know that many of our clients don't often associate moles with the other pests plaguing their lawns. Our home and business owners generally think about mosquitos, ticks, grub, and fire ants as "pests" that require removal. However, when left alone, even a single mole can turn your property into its own personal backyard buffet, making them one of the biggest potential threats of lawn health and longevity.

Not only do these furry creatures create large, unsightly raised mounds throughout your property, but their sharp-clawed, underground tunneling can also cause:

  • Compromised soil strength
  • Root system destruction
  • Improper water drainage
  • Rapid weed growth
  • Diminished fertilization results

Moles also feed on earthworms and other soil-enriching organisms, depleting your property of the vital nutrients it needs to grow and thrive. They are also a major target for parasites, such as ticks, fleas, and mosquitos that may carry dangerous sicknesses to children and pets playing in your backyard. Don't let moles risk the health of your lawn or your loved ones. Partner with Environmental Turf Management for mole control solutions you can count on.

Environmental Turf Management: Effective Yard Mole Removal Strategies

At Environmental Turf Management, we know that effective mole and rodent control can often be complicated. We start by targeting the mole's main food source: grubs and other pests. Sometimes, simply eliminating these bugs from your lawn is all it takes to force the borrowing critter to find its next meal elsewhere. Environmental Turf Management's team will carefully assess your home or business property to determine if you have a grub problem and create a customized plan of action using herbicides and insecticides to remove these baby beetles from the mole's menu – and remove the mole from your backyard.

Of course, sometimes it takes more than our specially designed grub applications to persuade moles to vacate the premises. Not to worry; Environmental Turf Management's trained team of professional mole extermination technicians know how to safely and effectively rid your property of these vermin. Whether it's a single mole or an entire colony, Environmental Turf has the skills and capabilities to make your property mole-free.

Full-Scope Lawn And Turf Care Services

Once we've successfully eradicated your mole issue, Environmental Turf Management can repair any of the damage and destruction left in its wake. We offer a complete menu of lawn and turf care services that effectively arrest future lawn deterioration and restore the health and strength of your property with long-lasting, sustainable results. Environmental Turf can create a customized plan based on your lawn's specific condition and needs to promote soil balance, deep root strength, and new, vibrant growth. We'll make it our mission to erase any sign of your mole issue – and prevent any future critters from trying to make your yard their new home!

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