All You Need To Know About Evergreen Trees And Shrubs


Evergreens can be found everywhere during the holiday season, but how much do you know about these beautiful, functional trees and shrubs? And how can you tell them apart from deciduous varieties? If you already have evergreen trees and shrubs in your Loganville area yard, or you want to plant a few, keep reading to find out some interesting facts about these trees. Many evergreen species are native to Georgia, and we have some unique ways you can use these beautiful plants on your property.

A Few Fun Facts About Evergreens

  • Evergreens get their name because they stay green, or keep their leaves year-round, hence the name “evergreen.” Unlike evergreens, deciduous trees like maples, ash, and poplar lose their leaves once a year. 
  • Evergreen species vary widely in size. One of the biggest evergreen species, the California Redwood tree, can grow over 350 feet tall, and the smallest species measure only a few feet. 
  • There are thousands of species considered evergreens, including cypress, juniper, eucalyptus, pine, spruce, fir, rhododendron, and holly. 
  • Most tropical plants are rainforest evergreens and require continual warm temperatures in order to survive. 
  • You can find evergreen species on every continent except Antarctica but they are most common in colder areas. 
  • Although you might typically think of evergreens as trees with green needles, evergreen species can produce a variety of colors and leaves, including red, brown, yellow, and all sorts of different foliage types. 
  • About 1,000,000 acres in the United States are used for farming evergreens for Christmas trees every year. 
  • Evergreen trees and shrubs can survive in some of the coldest regions on the planet. 

10 Beautiful Evergreen Tree And Shrub Species Native to Georgia

Including native plants in your Loganville area yard can have a lot of benefits, including needing less overall care because they are more well-adapted to the soil and climate conditions in Georgia, a decreased likelihood of them becoming invasive in your yard and neighborhood, and their ability to foster native animal and insect species. If you want to spruce up your yard with some low-maintenance and self-sufficient evergreen species that are also native to Georgia, consider planting one or several of these varieties:

  • Magnolia trees
  • American holly bushes
  • Laurel oak trees
  • Eastern red cedar trees
  • Live oak trees
  • Virginia pine trees
  • Slash pine trees
  • Cabbage palm trees
  • Loblolly pine trees
  • Yaupon bush
  • Fraser fir trees
  • Carolina cherry laurel trees
  • Eastern hemlock trees
  • Longleaf pine trees

Unique Ways To Use Evergreens Here in Loganville, Georgia

While you can use evergreen trees and shrubs for purely aesthetic purposes, there are a few other ways these trees can be useful. Evergreen species can make great natural privacy fences because their branches are usually thick towards the base of the plant, blocking the view into your backyard much like a normal wooden fence wood. Because these trees and shrubs keep their foliage year-round, you won’t have to worry about your privacy fence disappearing in the winter. Evergreen trees and shrubs can also be used as outdoor Christmas trees, or you could bring a few branches inside to use as holiday decorations, centerpieces, or all-natural air fresheners in your home. 

For All Your Tree And Shrub Care Needs In Loganville, Call Environmental Turf Management

If you have evergreen trees and shrubs on your Loganville, Georgia property, or you’re planning on planting some in your yard in the new year, call the professionals at Environmental Turf Management. We offer a comprehensive, seasonal approach to tree and shrub care from our licensed and experienced technicians. Our program employs bug-fighting dormant oil applications, disease treatments, and fertilization to keep your evergreen or deciduous species beautiful, healthy, and pest-free. We also specialize in creating ornamental landscapes to help incorporate your plants into an appealing outdoor retreat for you and your family.

Visit our website to see more information on our tree and shrub care services. Feel free to fill out our contact form with any questions, request a quote online, or give us a call at 770-467-3851

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