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Tree and Shrub Care in Atlanta

The charm of vibrant, mature trees and shrubs is undeniable, yet maintaining their health requires time and expertise. At Environmental Turf Management, we're here to help. Our comprehensive tree and shrub care services in Atlanta are intentionally crafted to address the unique requirements of your ornamentals, promoting their consistent growth by utilizing:

  • High-quality tree and shrub care products.
  • Regular fertilization.
  • Expert and intentional tree spraying.
  • The latest cutting-edge equipment.
  • And more! 
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Experience Year-Round Health with Tailored Seasonal Treatments

Experience the power of our seasonal approach to tree and shrub care in Atlanta. We craft a personalized treatment plan, ensuring visits every 8-10 weeks to deliver precisely what your ornamentals need, when they need it. Our licensed and trained landscape technicians administer 6 strategic applications throughout the year. This comprehensive regimen equips your plants to tackle each season's unique challenges. 

Our tailored, seasonal treatments include:

  • Dormant oil applications, eradicating overwintering pests like mites and scale.
  • Disease treatments, putting a halt to the spread of fungal concerns.
  • Application of slow-release fertilizer, nourishing your plants during winter.
  • Precision insecticide usage to counter detrimental pest infestations.

Safe for Pets and Kids

Our tree and shrub care in Atlanta is powered by top-tier products that ensure both results and safety for your property, including kids and pets. Count on us for seasonal treatments that yield visible improvements and lasting health for your landscape.

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Discover the Benefits of Ornamentals

Trees and shrubs are more than just decorative – they are valuable assets to your property. Beyond adding a spectrum of colors and textures, they wield the potential to enhance your life in various ways while saving you money. Ensuring the well-being of your ornamentals unlocks an array of benefits:

  • Erosion Control: With their robust root systems, trees and shrubs effectively anchor the soil, curbing erosion caused by runoff.
  • Enhanced Air Quality: These plants act as natural filters, purging pollutants and releasing clean oxygen into the air.
  • Enhanced Privacy: Trees, shrubs, and hedgerows create a serene haven by blocking neighbors' views, muting sound, and shading light.
  • Increased Property Value: A well-maintained landscape can boost your home's value by up to 20%, yielding a rewarding return on your investment.

Bed Weed Control

Ornamental gardens can beautifully enhance your surroundings, yet the intrusion of weeds can be a constant challenge. Our specialized program is crafted to eliminate the invasion of bothersome weeds into your landscape beds. We target a range of native grasses and broadleaf weeds that tend to invade Atlanta lawns. Get started today with a free quote. 

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Local Services You Can Trust

As a family-owned enterprise, your welfare and that of your loved ones are at the core of our mission. We stand behind our commitment by extending complimentary service calls in case of dissatisfaction. A simple call from you prompts our return, without any additional cost. With us, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

5 Star Review

I’ve been a customer of Environmental Turf for about 20 years & because of their services, I have one of the best lawns in my subdivision. They’re excellent in controlling weeds, fertilizing or aerating the lawn, & I’ve used them to eliminate fire ant hills. Using the weather forecast, they’ll usually service the lawn before it rains so I don’t have to water my lawn following treatment. They also stand by their service & will come back out if necessary to retreat. They have various service schedules to fit anyone’s budget.

Peter Wolfe
Main Office
5 Star Review

I have been using this company to do my lawn for several years. I renewed for 2023. My lawn looks great in fact it's the nicest looking lawn in the clue de sac. If I have any lawn issues, they are just a call away. As fall starts my lawn is full, thick, and green.

Tim little
Main Office
5 Star Review

Have been using Environmental Turf for many years. Anything that is needed is performed quickly , promptly and professionally with extremely knowleable personnel.. t Excellent service for many years..all lawn chemicals and maintenance that are needed each year is done by Environmental Turf. Thank you.

Barry Garber
Main Office
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