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Fire Ant Pest Control

Fire ants are a major cause for concern in Georgia.

While it may feel like these nasty bugs have always been here, fire ants are actually not indigenous to Atlanta; they originated from South America and migrated to Texas, eventually making their way to our great state. These insects are tiny, but mighty. When disturbed, fire ants attack, inflicting venomous bites on anything in their path. Younger children, pets, and even livestock are particularly susceptible to a fire ant bite. The alkaloid venom they release, known as Solenopsin, is itchy, painful, and uncomfortable at best; however, in rare cases, a fire ant bite may actually prove fatal.

Fire ants can also quickly wreak havoc on any residential or commercial property. When left untreated, these bugs burrow underground, littering your gorgeous green grass with large, unsightly brown mounds. Beneath the soil, fire ant tunnels can destroy your plant's roots systems and the ecosystem's balance. Over time, their complex tunneling systems can devastate even the healthiest, most robust lawns, gardens, and beds.

Environmental Turf Management's Fire Ant Treatment

Yes, we may be stuck with fire ants here in Georgia – but at Environmental Turf Management, we believe our customers shouldn't be stuck with these dreadful bugs in their backyard. We can help. Environmental Turf Management offers effective fire ant control solutions that exterminate these backyard bugs, no matter where they are hiding.

Don't Take A Chance With Fire Ants

There are all types of ants in the Atlanta area – but not all of them are fire ants. Many of the ants marching in your yard may be common "nuisance" insects. However, the sooner a problem is identified, the better the overall results; even if you only suspect that you may have fire ants, it's essential to evaluate your property to know with certainty before an infestation gets out of control. That's where we come in. Environmental Turf Management's fire ant extermination team will carefully assess your home or business yard to identify the extent of your pest issue.

Our fire ant solutions deliver an extensive range of benefits, including:

  • Skilled Crew Members

    It's critical to safely and properly handle fire ants. Environmental Turf Management offers trained, qualified, and experienced staff who understand fire ant protocol for success.
  • We do the Job Right!

    Environmental Turf Management uses the right gear to consistently treat even the hardest to reach hot spots on your property.
  • Affordable Price Points

    Most importantly, partnering with Environmental Turf for your fire ant needs means you'll receive top quality services and solutions at accessible price points. Our competitive fees can help you get rid of these unwanted lawn pests and successfully take back your outdoor living spaces.

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