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Tired of wasting your weekends trying to maintain your yard, with little to no success? Partner with Environmental Turf Management, a full-service lawn and turf care provider in the Metro Atlanta area. Environmental Turf's innovative landscape maintenance programs can beautify your residential and commercial landscapes so you can spend time outside having fun instead of being stuck doing yard work.

Services Designed to Revitalize Your Property

Since 2000, Environmental Turf Management has been Greater Atlanta's one-stop professional resource for state-of-the-art lawn and turf care services. We proudly offer home and business owners access to a comprehensive suite of treatment programs. Locals turn to us for help with:

Lawn Fertilization

Environmental Turf Management provides a seven-step fertilization program that starts in early spring and feeds, protects, and nourishes your property until the cold winter weather begins. We'll create a custom blend mix and application schedule based on your yard's specific soil conditions and growing needs to optimize sustainable results.

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Weed Control

At Environmental Turf Management, we go where the weeds grow - and they don't stand a chance. Our trained professionals administer a specially formulated weed control program in seven annual applications. Our liquid and granular mix offer pre-emergent, post-emergent, broadleaf and grassy weed control to eliminate the unwanted growth you have now as well as arrest future outbursts.

Insect Control

Yes, bugs, beetles, and other insects are all part of a robust outdoor ecosystem. However, when left untreated, swarms of lawn pests can quickly cause extensive damage to even the healthiest lawns and gardens. Grubs, armyworms, fire ants, even fleas and ticks – whatever unwanted guests you have crawling throughout your grass and shrubs, Environmental Turf has the training, skill, and experience to terminate them so you can take back your outdoor living spaces.

Lawn Disease Control

Just like humans, your lawn, trees, and shrubs need consistent care and maintenance treatments to prevent illnesses. Here in Georgia, there is a broad range of regionalized landscape diseases that can strike at virtually any time throughout the year. Environmental Turf Management offers extensive disease control services to safeguard your home or business property from a multitude of yard conditions, such as:

  • Brown Patch
  • Dollar Spot
  • Zoysia Patch
  • Fairy Rings

Whether you've already noticed your plantings starting to wilt, or just want to proactively protect your trees and shrubs, Environmental Turf Management can develop the right treatment plan to keep your yard healthy and hardy.

What Makes Our Lawn Care Different

Environmental Turf Management has earned our reputation as a leading provider of lawn care services throughout the Greater Atlanta area. With us, you're never just a number. Environmental Turf offers:

  • New equipment
  • Competitive pricing
  • Flexible scheduling

We even offer prepay discounts for increased value. You'll receive exceptional customer service with every treatment, application, and program to ensure you're delighted with our work.

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